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5G (5th Generation)

When one sees a G after a number, they might think of gigahertz, but in the case of 5G, it stands for Generation. 4G networks use long-term evolution (LTE) frequencies below 6 GHz and 5G uses 600 MHz to 6 GHz along with millimeter wave bands from 24–86 GHz.

The difference between frequencies and wavelengths is that a wavelength is the distance between sound waves and a frequency is the number of times in which the sound wave occurs. Therefore, frequencies and wavelengths are both descriptors for electromagnetic frequencies.

There have already been numerous studies proving that emf (electromagnetic frequencies) are bad for us and you can find 39 studies done by doctors, scientists, military and other institutions as well as other information about emf on the Wifi page of this site. 5G is not only detrimental to the health of all living things, it is also the frequency and wavelength that the powers that be have been waiting for in order to surveil us not only out in the street, but also in our homes. 5G is what is being used to build smart cities and the internet of things (IOT). The internet of things is what would be attached to the 5G smart grid and "things" includes our appliances, TVs, street lamps and almost anything electrical you can think of.

The amount of material on this page might seem overwhelming. I suggest first you just read all the titles to get the big picture and then check out the videos and links.



5G Wireless Radiation Dangers
5G Technology: Potential Risks To Human Health:
Excerpts From Scientific Conference


Sage of Quay Radio - Susan Clark & Jolie Diane -
The Dangers of 5G Technology (July 2017)

5G - The Elephant in Your Living Room


H.R.2881 - Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020




Hundreds of Birds Fall From the Sky During 5G Test in The Netherlands
Elon Musk & 5G Are A Public Health & Security Risk
The Truth About 5G Dr Graham Downing
Coventry's 5G Smart Ambulance knocks birds out of the sky
CBS Warns Cellphone Cancer Link, 5G Safety Concerns

1968 Frequency Chart - 5G Absorbs Oxygen, Emits Hydrogen Cyanide,
& FEMA just ordered 2500 gallons of hydrogen cyanide
5G & Nanodust = Mass Control of Humanity

Dafna Tachover, Attorney, & Founder 'We Are The Evidence,'
Testifies In Opposition to 5G



Here is an example that can be followed: Smart Meter Press Release 4-25-2018: SMART METER COALITION DEMANDS THAT SEATTLE AND ALL UTILITIES BAN SMART METERS AND 5G

How to oppose “small cell” 5G towers

Action ideas to stop 5G: http://stop5g.whynotnews.eu/?page_id=362




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