Animal Deaths



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Note: As the dying off of animals, birds and sea life due to "biological hazards" has been so constant and daily (now over 10,000 species becoming extinct); I have given up trying to keep up with it daily.

Jaw-dropping’ levels of heavy metals found in whales                                                     Researchers Have Identified How Naval Sonar Is Killing And Beaching Whales

Mystery illness claims more bald eagles in Utah                                                             Dozens of birds found dead in downtown Tulsa

Scientists Baffled by Mass Sardine Die-Off on West Coast                                              Hundreds Of Birds Found Dead On Cruise Ship Open Decks


"High levels of Silver (Ag), Barium (Ba) and Strontium (Sr) and low levels of copper (Cu) have been measured in the antlers, soils and pastures of the deer that are thriving in the chronic wasting disease (CWD) cluster zones in North America in relation to the areas where CWD and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) have not been reported. The elevations of Ag, Ba and Sr were thought to originate from both natural geochemical and artificial pollutant sources--stemming from the common practise of aerial spraying with 'cloud seeding'" from National Library of Medicine written in 2004.


MASS FISH DIE-OFFS: RAW Video - Over 50 TONS Of Fish Have Died In Jalisco, Mexico?!


Unprecedented Mass Die-Offs Seen Around The World 2015


Australia to dispose of 400 dead stranded whales

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100,000 Fish Die Suddenly In Arkansas After 5,000 Dead Birds Are Found


Do you really think cows living in North Dakota were not used to snow?
It brings to question, what was in this snow?

Pacific Coast sea bird die-off - die-off puzzles scientists