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Note: As the dying off of animals, birds and sea life due to "biological hazards" has been so constant and daily (now over 10,000 species becoming extinct); I have given up trying to keep up with it daily, but will still post new stuff that I believe is applicable to and makes the connection between chemtrails, HAARP and animal deaths. Most, but not all, of the examples below are from 2011.

Jaw-dropping’ levels of heavy metals found in whales                                                      Mass Bird, Fish Deaths Occur Regularly

Mystery illness claims more bald eagles in Utah                                                             Dozens of birds found dead in downtown Tulsa

Scientists Baffled by Mass Sardine Die-Off on West Coast                                              MASS ANIMAL/FISH DIE-OFF IN AUSTRALIA: Dead Penguins, Fish & Dolphins In Gulf St. Vincent?! (Video)

Recent Animal/Bird/Fish Deaths:

There has been recent massive bird, fish and animals deaths in the past couple of years. In January of 2011, there were massive bird deaths across the globe, in many countries of the world and in several states within the United States, yet, every one of the incidents was attributed to a different cause. Causes ranged from hundreds flying into a powerline (crazy nonsensical), to being startled by fireworks to eating poison.

All the RSOE events listed are from a few a years ago. The events of the massive animal deaths was so constant and almost daily, that I gave up on trying to keep up with it. The videos and other links are more recent.


After opening link, click on "Event Description" tab on top of page.

43 Dolphins

36 Tons fish

Thousands of ducks and geese

20,000 Bees

Over 40,000 Crabs

24 Pilot Whales

Thousands of  Fish

Ducks and Swans

Thousands of Fish

Scores of Seals

200 Cows

Fish, Crabs and Birds

30 Birds

20,000 Grizzard Shad

Hundreds of Fish

Thousands of Fish

1,000 Turtledoves and other birds

More than 80 Pidgeons

450 Birds

At least 100 tons of Fish

50 Birds

Estimated 2 million fish

Millions of Fish



MASS FISH DIE-OFFS: RAW Video - Over 50 TONS Of Fish Have Died In Jalisco, Mexico?!


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100,000 Fish Die Suddenly In Arkansas After 5,000 Dead Birds Are Found


Do you really think cows living in North Dakota were not used to snow?
It brings to question, what was in this snow?



Unprecedented Mass Die-Offs Seen Around The World 2015