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Do these really look like natural clouds or normal contrails (effects of hot exhaust hitting cold air--steam) to you?

Attack and drying up of clouds that came in from Hurricane in 2009 to make sure there would be no rain - keeping North Carolina in its drought state. Horses were dying from starvation this year (2009) due to lack of grass because of drought (despite the many occasions of storm fronts moving in).

Electromagnetic frequency pulsing through the clouds.

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Ask youself, does this look like normal flight patterns for passenger planes?

Two thick trails side by side. Wait until they mesh together;
then you'll think it is a cloud. Normal exhaust?
Passenger planes flying side by side?

Normal flight pattern? All the white here was created by by white unmarked jets. By unmarked, I don't mean without any writing on it, but no large writing as passenger planes would have, or a police or media plane would have to identify themselves.


Spray coming out of natural cloud. Aerosols expand as they absorb the moisture from the rainclouds. This usually results in natural clouds shrinking and disintegrating and being replaced by chemclouds..


Does this look like normal clouds? It might if you got used to seeing this,
but this is the result of white unmarked jets flying back and forth
and their trails spreading and meshing together.

Normal cloud? Saw these being created in 20 minutes time by several aircraft. What you see here is aerosol scatterings being electromagnetically manipulated. Look up HAARP and Skalar energy.


Does this look like exhaust (contrail) dissipating? Does exhaust solidify? Have you ever seen exhaust from a car solidify on a freezing cold day? Are pilots psychically connected and decide to "dump" at the same time? This was more of drying out the rainclouds that a hurricane system had brought in- keeping NC in its drought status in 2009.

Natural clouds or spray spreading out? Take a close look at the detail here.

Barium Sunset


Do you really think these are natural clouds? Look closely. These are upward jet trails that spread out. NOAA has created a "cloud" name for this configuration and even created a NEW cloud chart for the elementary school science courses.


Notice how at least 3 of the trails in this picture are of about the
same width and thickness. This means they were made at the
same time or within seconds of each other. Now ask yourself, do passenger
planes fly only seconds apart within the same air space?

Strange looking texture. Also, notice the sharpeness of the rift near to the bottom. I see these type of clouds often after jets sprayed into and above natural cumulus and then frequency waves get pulsed through them.




Photos 2                           Photos 3


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