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Who is to decide what is okay to air on the web or elsewhere? Where do we draw the line of what is and is not acceptable or viewable? Even in the extreme of a person viewing abuse on the web is not hurting anyone by viewing it.. It is the ones doing the abuse who are. Rather than censoring what a viewer could see, the abusers airing their abuse should be stopped from abusing. We don't need corporations or a government to decide for us what we are allowed to view as long as there are no victims resulting from the viewing. Adults don't need parents and the government nor corporations have the right to treat us as children no matter what justification they use to do so.



Dept. of Homeland Security Forced to Release List of Keywords Used to Monitor Social Networking Sites - If you nit ctl + to zoom in, the list of words at the bottom of this article are readable

Facebook announces anti-vaxx crackdown, will block ads with vaccine misinformation




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The Truth About Shadowbanning



What Is Shadow Banning On Twitter? Former Employees Say It Exists



George Soros Launches Campaign to Silence ‘Climate Deniers’ on Youtube!





The ‘Red List’ Who’s On It, Who They’re Targeting, and The Proof To Back It Up…


Beyond Censorship: Destroying Free Thought Online