The EPA Can No Longer Deny Knowledge of Geoengineering
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The EPA Can No Longer Deny Knowledge of Geoengineering


After hearing informative speeches regarding the ongoing chemtrail/geoengineering programs at the EPA carbon emissions hearing and receiving links, photographs, documents and comments also regarding these programs; the EPA can no longer deny knowledge of them. It was obvious that the hearing was not to determine whether carbon emissions are causing climate change. The EPA already made their decision. The hearing was about what organizations are going to do to cut back on emissions.

Despite this, the input by the chemtrail-aware speakers was invaluable. This is likely the first time ever the truth of geoengineering made it onto TV. If you would like to hear the entire hearing on CSPAN, you can find it here.   Also good news is that MORE THAN HALF the comments left to the EPA were about geoengineering!

It is amazing that there are still people who believe that the cause of the sky being whitened is carbon emissions or water vapor when we have trails as thick and ropey as in the picture to the left and the ones below. However, as can be seen by reading the comments left to the EPA, there are more people waking up to the fact that jets do cause the sky to be whitened. Hopefully, the next step to their awakening will be to realize that the whitening is not carbon emissions or water vapor. One only has to take a closer look at the trails to realize this.

You can see the comments left to the EPA carbon emissions panel for yourself, by clicking here to get to the EPA "View All Comments" page. I don't know for how long the comments will stay up on the EPA site, so just in case, I got a screen capture of all the comments (which I'll upload if I see EPA removes from their site) and of many individual comments. I also downloaded some of the attachments commentators attached with their comments which will also be uploaded here should they disappear from the EPA page. I did not copy ALL the individual comments made. I copied only a sampling from both sides of the issue---CO2 and geoengineering.

At the bottom of the page, are the aforementioned speeches that made it on CSPAN. Getting this on TV may be one of the biggest triumphs yet for spreading the truth about chemtrails/geoengineering. I would bet almost anything that CSPAN nor EPA expected so many activists would show up at the hearing. Kudos to them all!

Now that we know the EPA received all this geoengineering evidence, they can no longer deny knowledge of it. The only path left for them to take is to deliberately ignore the evidence presented to them and that would hold them no less accountable in their complicity to this crime against the earth and all it's inhabitants.



More pictures showing how these trails are too thick to be Condensation (aka "persistent contrails")

thick ropey chemtrail


Speeches Made at the EPA Carbon Emissions Hearing















Chemtrail Aerosols: The Most Powerful And Toxic Greenhouse Gas Emission



More comments have been added to the EPA page since the making of this page. I will do a redo of screen captures of the comment pages in a few days. BTW, I wonder who this person is who lives near to the Santa Monica airport who talks about emissions on almost every comment page ;)



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