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Health Effects of Chemtrails and Tips for Combatting it.

Health Tips, Remedies and Ways to Detoxify


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Data/environment/humans/chemtrails/news - Whistle blower contacts IAHF with inside info on chemtrails: How to Detoxify & Protect Ourselves.

36 Foods That Help Detoxify and Cleanse your Entire Body

Forbidden Cures

Chemtrails, Dr. McCain and the Detoxification of America by Lanny Messinger - Activated Carbon

How to detect and remove toxic metals from your body - Health Recipes

14 Ways to Cleanse the Body from Chemtrails, GMOS, Fluoridated Water, and other Environmental Toxins

What is Chlorella Good For?

How to Protect Yourself from Chemtrail Poisoning

How to Use Herbs Effectively and Safely

Detoxing From Heavy Metals During the Chemtrail Hiatus

Sniffing Rosemary Improves Memory (Needed since aluminum oxide in chemtrails adversely effect memory)

Nature Detox



Ken Rohla - Solutions for detoxifying chemtrail pollutants and nuclear fallout
(Ken gives solutions in the second half of the video)




I am not one to push a product (and never have before), but this is the first product, to my knowledge that is made just for the purpose of deterring and healing from the aerosol assaults that fills our air supply with metal particulates and other toxic substances. EnvioShield contains hard-to-find ingredients such as ginger root, oregano extract, and a few others that have been proven to help detoxify the body. It also includes potassium which barium (in chemtrails) is known to inhibit in the body: Effects of barium on potassium in human. That barium lessens the amount of usable potassium in our body is not known by many; yet the maker of this product obviously did his research. I've gotten to know the seller a little and have found him to be full of integrity and care for the health and well-being of others. You can click here to visit his page.




Nanoparticles In Everyone; Health Effects, & What You Can
Do To Eliminate The Dangers

This is a must see. After years of study, Tony Pantalleresco has
learned how to use herbs and foods to heal and shares his knowledge.



Diatomaceous Earth and Clay according to Dr. Gwen Scott, is known to pull metals (which are in chemtrails) from the body. I once had the article by her here, but the page to which I linked here is no longer available. For more information on Diatomaceous Earth & Clay, please click the links below:

Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth Reported To Absorb Mercury, Viruses

A site that sell Diatomaceous Earth:

Colloidal Silver Bacteriology Study Results:

Challenge tests were performed on ten pathogens listed below. The testing was performed by EMSL Analytical, Inc. Microbiology Division. The tests were designed and conducted by Lori L. Daane, Ph.D., Director of Microbiology and Elizabeth Lewis Roberts, Ph.D., Microbiologist-Special Projects.

More On Colloidal Silver


Note: I do not recommend any particular company for purchasing Colloidal Silver.
I suggest you google search or ask around.

How To Make Silver Colloidal - Morris


Aerosol Crimes chemtrails how to protect your health

Many links here on this Google Search page of how coconut oil (make sure it's pure) can help fight Alzheimer's Disease

How Coconut Oil May Rescue The Brain From Alzheimer's Disease

Removing Chemtrail Toxins With Natural Products

How To Make An Amazing Cilantro Pesto For Heavy Metal Detoxify

How to Use Cilantro As Medicine: Detox Your Body of Mercury and Beat Chronic Inflammation

How to remove mercury and other heavy metals from your body

Aluminum poisoning detoxify

Whistle blower tells how to Detoxify and Protect Ourselves from Chemtrails

Top Ten Natural Ways to Remove Heavy Metals

Ailments and Solutions by Russ Tanner

Dandelion Salve Recipe - Good for metal poisoning symptoms such as stiff and achy joints

Alzheimer's has increased drastically in the last 20 or so years which is about the same time the aerosol spraying programs began (which includes aluminum oxide). It is known that aluminum causes Alzheimer's. Here is an article on how to stave off alzheimer's Disease: news/8760703/Daily-Vitamin-B-pill-can-help-stave-off-Alzheimers-disease.html

28 Simple & Natural Ways to Detoxify your Body

10 Ways to Detoxify Your Body

An Effort to Protect Yourself from Chemtrail Poisoning - Surviving the Toxic Plagues

General Detoxification and Cleansing - This one tells of the benefits of colloidal silver. There are many sites on colloidal silver. FDA, who is also working with Codex Alimentarius to illegalize vitamins and with Monsantos to irradiate food and genetically modify seeds now mandates anyone with a website about colloidal silver include a disclaimer saying it's not scientifically proven. The "it's not scientifically proven" is the same claim the UK's version of FDA used to illegalize nutrients in the UK. But there are sites that insist there are no benefits to colloidal silver, so this one is controversial.


Detox Water Recipe: Flush Out the Toxins and Impurities From the Body - self-care, natural health and wellness, body detoxification, colon cleansing, oral chelating, removal of toxins from the body, liver detoxification, internal cleansing, heavy metal detoxification, healing naturally and alternative approaches to achieving health

Quick Chemtrail Detoxify Solutions (from

How to Detox the Body of Heavy Metals and Avoid Common Exposures



Make the Strongest Antibiotic and Anti-Cancer Treatment At Home


The Mother Of All Antioxidants


Eucalyptus hung on shower head to get health effects of eucalyptus

Health benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as Baking Sode

medicinal herbs
Click thumbnail for full-sized poster



Interview with Atle Johan Lovaas - part 1 of 5 - homeopathy,
health and chemtrails



FOOD-HERBS COMFREY, Vid by Youtuber, Constipation



Morgellons Disease 

Morgellons is a new disease that started shortly after the chemtrail spraying programs began. It is evidenced by wire-like fibers coming out of the body. The "scientific community", despite physical evidence of Morgellons, will insist it is a mental disorder as it is a new and not yet understood disorder. Furthermore, the "scientific community" like msm, will accept only whatever is passed on to them by a government agency or educational institution (also funded by government).

I put this in the Remedies and Detoxify column of this page because the body treats it as a foreign invader as antibiotics helps to diminish its effects. It is hard to find any treatment for Morgellons online, as most of the links are from medical institutions that accept only what they are taught by mainstream science and still insist it is a delusional disorder.

Is Morgellons Disease Caused By Chemtrail Spraying?  


Morgellons Cure Step By Step Survival Guide!



Morgellons, Chemtrails & Other Toxins Hitting The USA

Richard Shafsky explains everything you wanted to know
but were afraid to ask. Richard provides advice on
how to heal, speaking of his own recovery from terminal cancer!




How to Kill Morgellon Fibers and remove from your Body

Effects of Chemtrails, EMF and Nanotechnology


The Effects of Chemtrails on Human Health and the Environment

NWO Poisoning Rainwater


Effects of breathing in Aluminum nano particles 

Barium poisoning 

Effects of Aluminum Nanoparticulates in Our Lungs

Chemtrails and Their Health Effects

The Institute for Molecular Medicine - This one includes information about various chemtrail-related illness.

Aerial spraying has harmful health effects

Chemtrails hearing EU parliament by LovingTruth on Apr 10, 2013:  Health effects on humans, flora and fauna of toxic clandestine aerial sprayings

Chemtrails, Nanoaluminum, and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D

Health Effects of EMFs

Article that accompanies above video: Children Exposed to More Brain-Harming Chemicals Than Ever Before



This vid still works. For some reason, it doesn't show a thumbnail image.

What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain - Neurologist
Dr. Russell Blaylock reveals shocking facts.


Chemtrail Flu: Have You Got It Yet?



presented by Youtuber, Jamnoise72



Barium: The Poison No One Talks About
Barium is just as dangerous to our health as lead, arsenic and mercury and shows up regularly in public water supplies.

Exposure to small amounts of barium, dissolved in water, may cause a person to experience these problems: 1. Breathing difficulties
2. Increased blood pressure
3. Heart rhythm changes
4. Stomach irritation
5. Muscle weakness
6. Alterations in nerve reflexes
7. Damage to your brain, liver, kidney and heart

Barium sprayed in the atmosphere falls to earth and gets in water supplies. --from Bariumblues website.

Just because we aren't dropping dead as soon as an airforce jet sprays over our head, it doesnt mean the spray is not toxic. Remember asbestos, lead, aspartame and other toxins exist that poison slowly and has an accumulative effect, rather than an immediate effect.


Thumbnail of paper article that says Respiratory diseases are top county health issue
Click on thumbnail above for larger version


HUMANS into ROBOTS with Chem Trails, Smart Meters, HAARP
by Youtuber, Bill Otinger


The American Lung Association now offers air particulate reports for Virginia. Because all is trickle down from the federal government, no admission to chemtrails
is or will be made in the report. Pollution and global
warming is being blamed all on cars and industry.
This is a good way to shut down production and
create more unemployment, homelessness and
the destruction of America. Here is the link to it.

Alzheimer's & Aluminum Toxicity


Mycotoxins from chemtrails and the symptoms


BioIntiative Report on the Effects of EMF and Elf Waves


Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields EMF Dr. Ted Litovitz (documentary video)




Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease


Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions of People


7 Secret Ways We Are Being Poisoned


Lung Pathology and Mineralogy Associated with High Pulmonary Burden of Metal Particles...(PDF)


Neurologist Warns of Exploding Neurodegenerative Disease Due to Chemtrail Toxins



Health Effects of Aluminum by Lenntech