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Traditional Cloud Seeding Method Cloud Intro Value of Cloud Seeding Questioned

5th grade science class
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Components of Chemtrails
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Satellite view of chemtrails and chemclouds

Citizen Cattle

Thumbnail image of Illuminati Playing Cards

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Airforce Chemistry
Airforce Chemtrail Chemistry Manual
Airforce Chemistry 2nd Page
Airforce Chemtrail Chemistry Manual
Chemtrails Chemisty Manual
Airforce Chemtrail Chemistry Manual Sold out on Amazon

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Cloud Types Global geoengineering map
Geoengineering is Responsible for...
Click image for larger view of chart of what geoengineering is responsible for.
NWO Theory

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Problem Reaction Solution
Hope Prophecy


Morality New World Order

New World Order Long-Term Plan
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Soul dierselections
football and beer change

All, but one, Presidents are related:


Here is a vid about it: They're All Related and another of a news clip of a 12-year old girl who does her family tree and discovers: ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King




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