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This section is for non-photographic images that give important messages of truths.



Click on pictures below for larger view

(this is for only the ones with smaller text)

Traditional Cloud Seeding Method Cloud Intro Value of Cloud Seeding Questioned

5th grade science class
Click Image for Larger View

Components of Chemtrails
Click image for larger view

Satellite view of chemtrails and chemclouds

Citizen Cattle

Thumbnail image of Illuminati Playing Cards

Click picture for larger view.

Airforce Chemistry
Airforce Chemtrail Chemistry Manual
Airforce Chemistry 2nd Page
Airforce Chemtrail Chemistry Manual
Chemtrails Chemisty Manual
Airforce Chemtrail Chemistry Manual Sold out on Amazon

The three images above and the 3 below can all be clicked for a larger view.


Cloud Types Global geoengineering map
Geoengineering is Responsible for...
Click image for larger view of chart of what geoengineering is responsible for.
NWO Theory

Click picture for larger view

Click picture for larger view

Problem Reaction Solution
Hope Prophecy


Morality New World Order

New World Order Long-Term Plan
Click picture for larger view
Soul dierselections
football and beer change

All, but one, Presidents are related:


Here is a vid about it: They're All Related and another of a news clip of a 12-year old girl who does her family tree and discovers: ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King




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