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Legal Action Against Covid Measures


Being coerced into depriving ourselves of oxygen, avoiding giving our immune system a chance to learn how to fight a specific virus, isolating ourselves and being forced out of work and being deprived of income are all crimes against humanity. Whether the class action lawsuits discussed in videos below will be successful is not yet known (as finding a judge who is not corrupt would be difficult). What we really need is another Nuremburg type of trial and the people, rather than a judge are the ones to decide guilt or innocence.

Despite the pitfalls of working within the system to fight it, it appears to be the only option was have at this time, along with alerting more people of the New World Order goals in hopes of more no longer complying with the system,


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1000 Doctors Investigate the Covid Measures and Believe the Measures are Unjustified



Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Discusses Plans for a Class Action Lawsuit Against the Covid Measures



UPDATE in the Corona Scandal by DR. REINER FUELLMICH translated to ENGLISH




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