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About the Sky


Bakersfield Skywatch

Bye Bye Blue Sky



Chemtrail Report

Corbett Report



Jeff Rense

Missouri Skywatch

Red Ice Creations

Weather Map Link - Intellicast Radar

Weather Map Link - NEXSAT

Oakland Skywatch

Sage of Quay Radio

The Stockman

Strange Days Strange Skies


Chemtrails - spraying in our sky

RSOE Alert Map

Weather Warfare Blogspot


GeoEngineering Watch

Global Incident Map

"Corpus Delicti" with Mr. Max Bliss and the Chemtrail Files

German Chemtrail Site

British Columbia Chemtrail Alert

Chemtrails Kill (blog spot)

Stop the Crime

Stop Chemical Terrorism


What on Earth is Happening

Annie Logical Uncensored

One Great Network

Site that covers many things, but is very indepth of targeted individuals and various types of directed energy weapons




Here is a paper done by a young person (are we still allowed to say person) in which (insert choice of pronoun here--he/she) tells of his experience with doing research and how to not throw the baby out with the water, so to speak. Important Information. In it are included almost 70 website links where important information can be found.


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