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 Two new pages completed:Paid Rioters  and Awakened Doctors.


The Truth About Masks and the theme "I Can't Breathe"

Not only is the infection rate of the Covid less than 1% according to Dr. Fauci himself, as he wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine, but wearing masks harms our health rather than protects it. The reasons for this is obvious, as you will see reported by doctors (below). The negative effects of covering our mouth is that it cuts our supply of oxygen, causes us to breath back in the co2 we breathe out which is a poisonous gas for us and can cause hypercapnia. Aside from the breathing in of the poisonous gas (co2 - carbon dioxide), we also breathe back in the toxins our body expels through our breath as a process of cleaning itselt out of and our immune system gets less practice with fighting off foreign invaders, thereby weakening our immune system and thusly making us more vulnerable to infections.

Now, we are being told that we cannot stop wearing masks until there is a vaccine. Did you know that the World Health Organization (WHO) received massive funding from Bill Gates, and has resolved before the Corona virus even hit the news, to have everyone vaccinated by 2030? Here is their paper that states their goal of having us all vaccinated by 2030, "Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind".

But, one important piece of information that cannot be left out when talking about mandatory mask wearing is that viruses are not spread through the air as you'll hear from doctors further down this page and anything that is in the air can fit through the pores of our mask. This page includes medical experts explaining what viruses are and how they are spread, more about the concept and danger of face masks and the apparent theme of "I can't breathe" having been created.




Youtube and Facebook keep removing this video. I saved it and uploaded it to chemtrailplanet. Click above picture to open video. OSHA says Cloth Masks and Surgical Masks Don't Work:
OSHA defines oxygen deficient atmosphere as below 19.5% :
OSHA example of shipyard, where "oxygen deficient atmosphere is leading cause of fatalities:
CAL-OSHA states, Cloth face covers are not protective equipment and do not protect the person wearing a cloth face cover from COVID-19."
File a workplace safety complaint:



Three Different People Check the Oxygen Level Underneath a Face Mask

Three different people measure the amount of oxygen under face masks and all find the
level of oxygen under a face mask drops down to dangerous levels within 5 seconds.
Youtube and Facebook keep removing this video. I saved it and uploaded it to chemtrailplanet.
Click above picture to open video.




 Aerosols Through Masks - Click image to open video



Dr. Fauci Admits Masks are Useless - Click image to open video




Mask Off

Open this video in Youtube if you want to see all the documents he put in the video description.






The three videos below explain why I put "the theme 'I Can't Breathe'" in the page title

Nickelodeon 'I Can't Breathe' - Traumatizing Children Couldn't Be More Obvious



The appearance that the George Floyd murder was either a televised sacrifice or a staged event was made when cops came out of the emt truck instead of emt workers, Also, George Floyd's vitals were not checked nor was there an attempt to revive him before putting him into the emt truck as you'll see in the video below.

George Floyd Ambulance EMT's Were COPS?


and protestors in many places yelling out...

'I can't breathe!' Large crowd of protesters marches and chants through downtown Lexington


Yes, of course, the protestors yelling "I can't breathe" is not about the masks, but is about George Floyd being or appearing to be suffocated, but nevertheless, many have been led to the theme of "I can't breathe" and the TV news rarely ever shows anything that it doesn't have an agenda behind. And was George the chosen victim to incite riots by real people and paid protesters in order to create chaos, defund the police and lead to communism? The page Paid Rioters explains this.






This picture below shows how slaves were made to wear masks. Could that why we are being made to wear them today? Some have
speculated that the wearing of the masks is part of an Illuminati ritual that we are being fooled into participating in.



Why You Cannot Catch a Virus (these are videos that have been removed from Youtube, so are now on the chemtrailplanet server.
Just click below images to open the videos).

Dr Andrew Kaufman Explains the Truth about the Outbreak
Dr. Kaufman Explains the Truth About the Outbreak
You Cannot Catch a Virus unless it is Injected
How You Get a Virus
How You Get a Virus

Reminder, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is not made up of doctors. The CDC is a FOR-PROFIT Corporation.

Do Surgical Masks Stop the Coronavirus?


Two Chinese boys drop dead during PE lessons while wearing face masks


The Science and Law of Refusing to Wear Masks: Texts and Arguments in Support of Civil Disobedience


Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy


14 More Ways To Give Yourself Oxygen-Rich Blood - might this help toward the tempoary loss of oxygen from wearing a mask?


Carbon Dioxide Poisoning - from


A cluster randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers


Masks (Part 2) - The Reasons They want Us To Wear Them (Video)







You've Been Lied to

Click above to open full-sized flyer




They are now telling us to cover our mouths. There is talk of this fake virus being caught through our eyes. Are they going to tell us to cover our eyes (wear goggles) next. And, then they'll say we can catch it through our ears. Before you know it, people who could or would not speak, hear or see will start to physically manifest themselves to match how they acted to look like the three monkeys---no see, no hear, no speak. It's as if the rulers are laughing at us (or those) who could not see or hear and would not speak.



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