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The Overpopulation Myth

We often hear that the world is overpopulated and many may believe this to be true due to the repetition of it in the media and by politicians. Of course, if you live in a city or suburb and you only drive back and forth from home to work and other places in between, you'll never see all the open land outside of your parameter.

In reality, half of the world's population occupies only 1% of the earth's land mass and every person on earth can fit in the state of Texas with plenty of room to move as can be seen in the picture capture below. The population has been drastically reducing due to lower birth rates. Whether those who push the narrative of overpopulation hate humans because they themselves are not human or are wealthy psychopaths who want all the land and resources for themselves is not relevant (to this page). What is relevant is that the earth is not overpopulated and there are plenty of resources for everyone when the above-mentioned aren't messing with the resources through plundering, destruction, bans (such as on imports and exports or making it illegal to plant food in your yard or collect rainwater) and through weather control that destroys farms.




How to debunk the myth of overpopulation in three easy steps

Contributing to belief of overpopulation: David Rockefeller speaks about population control (video)

The 20 countries facing population collapse

US has slowest population growth rate in a century as births decline

Birth rates are at an all-time low around the world (this is a google research page, if link doesn't work for you, just type in "lower birth rates" in a search engine)

Urbanization: 95% Of The World's Population Lives On 10% Of The Land

Half the World’s Population Lives in Just 1% of the Land [Map]

The math between the two links above could get confusing. The numbers might not be exact, but the message is still clear, and that is that most of the world is unpopulated and that is because most of us live in condensed congested areas.



The Overpopulation Myth

Overpopulation: The Making of a Myth




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