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Somehow, don't know why, how or when, the links of the pdfs got messed up. They have since been fixed.


The majority of these PDFs are of what is scattered among the different pages of this website and total to 677 as of this writing (5/25/2020). Just click on any of the pdf images to open. All, but the last six rows are linked. The ones that are not linked, you can find by typing the titles in the google search bar that is on the upper right of this page.

As far as the ebooks go, I don't necessarily agree with every word the writers of the books have ever spoken or written within their lifetime. I share here that which I think either gives good information that backs the claims made on other pages of this site, gives us understanding of how the enemy thinks or provokes thought in general.

Note: I accidentally put a couple of duplicates on this page. I will not remove the duplicates because doing so would make me have to relink all the pdfs that follows from the point of the duplicate on and that would mean an unneccesary waste of time that could be spent creating and adding to pages. I also plan to, at some point, type up all the titles of these pdfs and put them in a drop-down list.


5G - What you need to know.pdf

Admiralty and Maritime Law Operation Gladio Mysteries of Mind blacks-law-dictionary-1st-edition Common Law Pleading Propaganda by Bernays Forbidden Archeology The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla The United Nations Ex[psed Dr. Emoto - Messages from Water In Sheeps Clothing, Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People Covert information bulletin_25 special nazi, the vatican and cia Isis Unveiled Secret Doctrine Secret Doctrine, Volume 1 Dark Mysteries of the Vatican The Vatican's Mafia Power of the Vatican The Anti-Christ in the Vatican Unraveling the Single Tangible Secret Trilateral Commission Member List Greenland Theory Radio Frequency Microwave Effects errorism Illuminati 1 The Book of Secrets and Notes about World War II How a Global Elite controlled Both Sides The House of Great Spirit The Secrets  of Solomon Temple Discover The Omega Files The Tyranny of the 1% The Secret Teachings of the Ages Mystery Babylon the Great Keys to Revelations

The Book of the Dead The Forbidden Knowledge of Secret Societies Secret Societies Marriage, Metaphysics and Genesis Washington Street Plan Encapsulates Lucifer The New Age Movement English Freemasory Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity
PDFs24 In Defence of Freedom Carl Jung, the Undiscovered Self Civic Science for Sustainability Smoking.Gun.Proof.-.Illuminati.Planned.to.Bring.Down.Our.Culture Covid is a Lie flyer National Vital Death Statistics Withdraw of Consent Increased Risk of Respiratory from vaccines Fearful Master A second look at the United Nations

The LOGOS of Mass Media Culture The Word of God The Rockefeller Foundation White Paper Covid 19 4-22-2020 Titanic Disaster





The 16 articles below are from Science Direct Artciles

Still to be added (linked):

Science Direct Articles

but there is other evidence that the SH debakle was a FEMA exercise: http://www.chemtrailplanet.com/PDF/FemaSandyHook.pdf
and that the school was closed in 2012 due to disrepair: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HDcdrr7wic4S/





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