Programming Techniques Used on Us

Indoctrination - The teaching and advocating of principals and ideas.The most persistent idea taught is to see authority figures as experts and bosses.(Don't speak unless called upon, get permission to go to the bathroom, etc.) Indoctrination embodies all of the programming methods in this list, including Trauma programming as it is traumatic for kids to hear that the earth will burn up or flood because of global warming.

Predictive Programming - creating a familiarization of an event in our subconscious so that we more quickly accept it when it happens. Similar to desensitization, except it's directed toward the subconscious. Some believe it is the elite telling us what they are planning before they do it so that the blame falls on us if we don't try to stop it and others believe it is a way to use our collective subconscious to help manifest the event. Over 60 examples of 911 being shown before it happened can be found here: What is Predictive Programming? 100% Proof of Hollywood Brainwashing & Foreknowledge

Normalization - Making something acceptable by making it seem normal and as if it had always been and has already been accepted by everybody else.

Modeling - Setting or showing an example of a desired behavior or attitude or belief. This could also include a character on TV showing a like or dislike for something to manipulate the viewer to like or dislike the same thing.

Desensitization - Frequent exposure to something until it becomes no longer shocking or upsetting (has similarity to predictive programming)

Trauma Programming - In it's comparatively mild form, 911 and the constant repetition of the word "terrorism" to make people more controllable through fear. In it's deeper form, the trauma is much more personal, horrific and frequent until the victim of it dissociates from the pain and develops a dissociative personality disorder. Examples are too horrible to write here, but here is a paper that goes deeper into it:Chainless Slaves Trauma Programming (PDF)

Nero-linguistics - Use of gestures, hand signals, facial expressions, ect. directed toward the subconscious to achieve a desired result. Example on this page. Similar to Sigils Sigils - Use of symbols, usually satanic, directed toward the subconscious. Good example: Subliminal Manipulation. How Media and Advertising Uses Neurolinguistic Mind Control Programming (Video)

Repetition - Self-explanatory. Examples of this is that chemtrails are just water vapor or ice crystals or that the twin towers were knocked down by planes, or that CO2 causes global warming and there are almost always terrorists.

Attitude - Air of authority, confidence, showing a distaste for something, etc.

Using opinionated descriptive words and catch trigger phrases
, such as "conspiracy theorist"

- Usually outright lies or just spinning a "news piece" in a way that shapes the publics opinion about it. Repetition, sigils and nero-linguistics, false flags and attitude are usually used with Propaganda.

Subliminal Messages - This can be visual or auditory. Comes in the form of images, words or sounds that the conscious mind hardly notices, but the subconscious mind does.

False Flags - Use of crisis actors and fake scenarios to convince the public that no place is safe and that guns need to be outlawed. Is also a form of trauma programming.

- Flicker rate of TV screens puts us into a hypnotic state making us more suggestible to whichever programming technique the show you watch decides to use.

- Creating an association of one thing with another. For example, people who are aware of chemtrails used to be accused of believing in Big Foot. Now, it's flat earth or shape shifters. (Note, I do not know or care what the shape of the earth is).

Labeling - A way of shaping one's opinion of a person or topic. This is the same as name calling. For some illogical reason, just because someone was given a label, their information loses credibility. For example, using the label, "antivaxxer" for a person who has learned that many deaths and injuries occurred from vaccines or that the ingredients in them are toxic, or labeling someone as a "climate denier" because they realize climate change is normal and natural and has always occurred. This labeling appeals to an elementary school aged mind that would be more effected by and likely to participate in name calling.

Positive and Negative Enforcement - Rewarding desired behavior and punishing undesired behavior.

Demoralization - Promoting acceptance of the once unacceptable through music, movies and other media. Usually done by making the once-bad-behavior seem fun or cool or sophisticated or more commonplace than it is. This form of programming can also fit under the category of desensitization or normalization..

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