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Whether we realize it or not, oftentimes the way we describe something conditions us to accept it as being the unchangeable norm and helps to manifest and maintain that perceived norm. For example, we tend to call the rulers "the powers that be". This conditions us to continue to see them as having all the power over us instead of seeing how we continue to give them OUR power through consent.

Below are two lists. The first one is of commonly used phrases and the reframing of them in a way that empowers us. Maybe if we focus on going towards what we want rather than on what we want to avoid, we'll be more likely to reach our common goals for human rights . The second list is of what things are usually called versus what they really are. This is a brand new page and I will likely add more over time as inspiration hits me.


Commonly Used Phrases...

Reframing to...

The powers that be

Those to whom we've given our power
I'm only one person I can change that by informing others (city/county meetings, flyers)
I'll be called a conspiracy theorist It is better I plant a seed of truth, so that the second person to do so will have more success. Someone has to plant the first seed. Why not it be me.
That's just how things are I can do my part to help make things better
I am against this or that or the other thing I do not consent. I do not comply.
Nobody will believe me Again, someone has to plant the first seed so that the second seed is more likely to germinates.
Somebody else will do it I will do it (be the change you want to see)


What things are usually called

What they really are...

Government Corporation(s)
TV News Government Propaganda


Someone who researched vaccine statistics and their ingredients, has been vaccine injured or knows someone who was and/or believes the government doesn't have a right to force us to have something injected into our blood.
Climate Denier Someone who knows climate has always changed and is normal and/or knows that there are only trace amounts of co2 in the atmosphere and plants use it to make oxygen.
Conspiracy Theorist Anyone who has a belief that differs from what the CFR msm states and it matters not how much evidence they present to back their claims.
Fake News CNN, CBS, NBC, etc., but they (the fake news) claim it's the "conspiracy theorists".
United Nations One World Government Headquarters
Department of Defense Department of Offense
Council on Foreign Relations Schemers of how to create a one world government



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