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Free Website Translator


Miscellaneous Sustenance/Self-Sufficiency Free & Cheap Education Help with Addictions and Rehab Help Guides

The Full Circle Project - a way to find other awakened people in your area

10 Best Heirloom Seeds Companies for Smart Homegrown Gardening

Udemy - Free and very cheap courses in varous subjects

Quit Smoking Community

Consumer Safety Guide

Financial Help for Abused Women

Find Your Local Food Bank

Learn a language for free. Forever - for help finding different forms of Cancer treatement and even financial aid for it.

Prescription Medication Disposal Safety Guide

Financial benefits for veterans who got mesolthelioma: mesothelioma veterans

Shelter listings for the homeless

Free Web page making tutorials

AbbeyCare - (Drug Rehab and Addiction Recovery in the U.K.)

What To Do With Old Fluorescent Light Bulbs: A Recycling and Disposal Guide

No Kill Animal Shelter Directory

Various self-sufficiency skills Online Education for home schooling

Drug Rehab and Addiction Recovery Resources (in the U.S.)

55 Ways to Save Money on Internet Safety: The DEFINITIVE Guide

DRUNK DRIVING ACCIDENT (DUI) VICTIM - learn whether you have a case, free of charge


Drug & Alcohol Addiction

2020 Guide to Substance Abuse in Veterans


    Getting Over Grief: Understanding its Stages and How to Heal

Homeopathic Cancer Treatments


Help Guide - How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship




If you have any ideas for helpful resources that are free or at low cost, please contact me at Please put chemtrailplanet in the subject line. But, PLEASE no more requests for drug and addiction sites.



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