What Schools Could Have Taught if There Weren't an Agenda
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Learning Life Skills That Were Not Taught in School


How to Grow Food Using Scraps and seeds




Of course, learning reading, writing, science and arithmetic is important, but did or do we really need all these courses five days a week? What about 3 or 4 days of the basic academics and then reserving the remaining days for life skills? Today, schools have no difficulty finding time to teach children about sexual acts and sexual preferences, causing them to question themselves and their own gender before they even have a chance to live life and have enough time to know themselves to figure it out on their own. If the purpose of teaching about sexual preferences and gender identities is to teach tolerance, then why not just teach kindness? Then, as long as one is kind to others, what he thinks of another's life choice would not be an issue (unless you're in favor of thought control).

With at least 18 years of schooling, much preparation for life (and not just for a job) can be accomplished. Preparation for life would include knowing how to grow, harvest and can food, knowing your rights, how to heal yourself and other skills. I believe learning how to take care of yourself would be more useful than learning different ways to have sex or masturbate as is reportedly now being taught in some schools.

As for social skills, a start would be to arrange students' desks in a circle so that they can see each other's faces instead of in rows where they see only each other's backs. Some examples and tutorials of skills schools could have taught (if there were not an agenda to create obedient worker drones who become part of and totally dependent upon the system/matrix which entails consumerism) are offered on this page.


Food Related

Basic Self-Diagnosis & Healing



(legal, physical, emotional and spiritual)

Self-Sufficiency Skills


Why did I not mention teaching history in school? Well, most of us know history is only his story. Whose story? The victor's of course!. For real history that is learned from deeper investigation, check out The Invisible Critic.


The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (PDF)



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