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Spiritual Self-Defense - For this one there is no link. I'm going to share my own experience on how to defend yourself spiritually.

1. Sometimes, there may be dark forces that try to give us bad thoughts. Rather than reacting to or feeling guilty over those thoughts, an expression that always worked for me was "just because a bird landed on your head, you don't have to let it build a nest". Visualize yourself knocking the bird off your head. It's worked for me the few times it happened to me.

2. Twice I was visited by a very black shadow man. The first time I screamed because I was startled. The second time, someone helped me (so it felt) as the words "Jesus is with me, I am not afraid" popped out of my mouth to my own surprise. The thing left immediately. Whether it was the name of Jesus or showing no fear, I cannot prove, but it did work and I had not seen it again. Chemtrailplanet is not intended to be a Christian site, but using the name of Jesus has worked for many people when dealing with something dark.

3. Prayer. Whether you believe it is God, your higher self or the universe reacting, prayer often works. Words and vibration have power as can be seen from the rice experiment in which one speaks loving words to one jar of rice and hateful words to another which results in the jar with loving words to stay fresher looking and the one with hateful words to look old.