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Smart Cities


SMART stands for "Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology". Smart is also the word that used to be used when something hurt, as in "that really smarts". (which brings to question whether the anagram was worked out on purpose to spell the word smart).

Smart cities are to contain a wireless surveillance and control grid, but is sold to us as giving us more convenience. This grid is planned to be run wirelessly using smart dust and 5G networking to connect everything together to create "the internet of things". The concept of smart cities was established by the United Nations and the implementation and financing for them are being planned im part by Cisco and Berkley University and is funded in part by a global infrastruture fund. Videos on this page of a Cisco and of a Berkley seminar explain their plans of how to accomplish this.

The United Nations also has a future megaregions map shown below showing where they want to move us all to and where they plan to build the smart cities ( the grey areas are to be no-people zones):



Newer Agenda 21, Agenda 30 map

Updated Agenda 21, Agenda 30 map

Click picture for larger view




The screen capture below shows more about who is involved with the pushing for smart cities.



To see how it is being sold as a good thing, here is a short description of the infrastructure plans for America 2050 from America



What is a smart city ?


Webinar: Financing Smart City Deployments

Cities want to get smarter, but how can they pay for it? Learn about the $1 billion City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration Program and how it can accelerate smart city projects for city managers, urban services providers and technology partners.



Cisco Connected Transportation and Smart Cities



Smart Dust and Sensory Swarms and OpenWSN

Smart Dust and Sensory Swarms and OpenWSN: Open-Source Standards-Based Protocol Stacks for Wireless Mesh Networks Speaker: Kris Pister Prof. EECS, UC Berkeley Founder & Chief Technologist Dust Networks, a Linear company




Smart meters & smart grid: what's the real story?

Could "smart" meters be part of the largest corporate con job on the planet? This May 2014 interview with Josh del Sol,
director of the documentary Take Back Your Power (watch at, discusses the installation of
"smart" meters worldwide, the growing resistance to the agenda, and how to prevent or reverse installation of one on your home.



The AGENDA 2030 SMART CITY Challenge - Government To AWARD $75 Million For Best SMART CITY Design!
(Video) - This is in Canada. Now you can help to plan your own enslavement and show that you too are willing to sell out your own kind for money.

IoT, Advanced Analytics and AI In Building A Smart Sustainable City - Mika Hakosalo & Tommy Auoja (Video)


How AI, IoT and nanobots can aid parasitic architecture in crowded cities


WHO'S IN CHARGE? Pregnant Irish woman left stranded on motorway after Renault switches off car battery by remote control without warning


Nanobots, Smart Dust, 5G Wireless and Smart Cities


Smart Cities and EMF




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