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Polymer Snow

Was the snow we had in the beginning of 2014 manufactured? There were many people who made videos claiming that it was. Many of us are aware that the rain clouds are usually sprayed into before it rains and lab results of rain water samples have showed off-the-charts levels of barium, strontium, and aluminum (a couple of lab results can be found on the Chemtrail Research page of this site).

There has been definite evidence that the snow in 2014 was not totally nature-made. The evidence to which I am referring is not of people trying to burn snowballs, but of fibers in it (as shown in picture on the left) and other particulate matter found in the snow (shown in videos on this page).

Many of us have seen videos of people trying to melt snow with a lighter. Firstly, I want to point out that we do not have a baseline of how tightly packed snow reacts to a small flame from a lighter. I do not know of any videos of someone trying to do this before the aerosol spraying programs became the daily norm.

However, a few who have made a video of themselves trying to melt snow noted that it smelled like styrofoam. Frozen water (even if tightly packed) should not smell like styrofoam. Maybe failing to melt snow with a lighter is not reliable evidence to prove the snow was manufactured (or at least tampered with via geoengineering) or maybe it is. On this page, you'll see some of the snow burning/melting videos.

There has also been other strange unnatural things about the snow lately. In some places, snow has come down in the form of large 6-pointed stars, there was greasy paint-like snow in North Carolina, fibers and fleas found in some places and snow that looked like blankets. On this page, you'll find videos and links to pictures and articles that give you examples of some of these weird textures of snow.

Many of us know that rain can be created (known as cloud seeding) by spraying substances (usually silver iodide, potassium iodide and dry ice [solid carbon dioxide]) into clouds and this is admitted to in weather modification documents (see "Chemtrail Research" and "Military & Government documents" pages of this site) So, we know rain can be created, so why not snow. After all, snow is only frozen rain.

The question now is, if the snow was created, then what else was added to it outside of what is needed to create snow; and if the snow was not manufactured, then what was added to it by the jets spraying into the snow clouds? There is good reason to wonder this and the videos further down on this page might prompt you to ask the same questions.


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Dr Vincent Schaefer snow making demonstration



Here is one I made a few years earlier (in 2009) in North Carolina
after the snow sliding down the window looked like white paint:

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but about increasing or decreasing its volume).

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