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What the Cabal has Planned for Us


To share with you what the cabal, also known as the shadow government or the elite, have planned for us is not to cause you to want to give up, but to empower you. In knowing the goals, you can recognize the steps taken to reach those goals. And recognizing the steps as they are being taken, gives you the opportunity to try to thwart those steps. The videos below are of people sharing the plans the elite have for the entire planet as written in their documents.

Note: This page is not intended to show ALL of their plans, You can find more on the Great Reset and the Agenda 21 Info pages.


Governments Sold Us Out
Report from Iron Mountain
Report from Iron Mountain
No Doubt, the Elite Tell Their Plans
Ex 32 Degree Mason tells What the Elitists Global Agenda is
32 degree mason tells of elites global agenda
It's a Master Plan
Master plan
World Economic Forum Covid Platform shown by Celeste Solum

What the End Game of this Entire "Event" Actually is wit Dr. Carre Madej

Carrie tells of the nwos plans as told to her and others in a doctor's meeting
The Illuminati & CFR- House of Rothschild's Tools To Achieve A "One World Government" 1967 recording - Myron C Fagan

30-page transcript of Fagan's revelations

Dr Richard Day. New Order of Barbarians - Tape 1

Dr Richard Day. New Order of Barbarians - Tape 2

Dr Richard Day. New Order of Barbarians - Tape 3

Dr Richard Day. New Order of Barbarians - Tape 4


DAVOS 2021: We Must Collapse the Middle-Class



The Spars Pandemic - 2025 - 2028

IMF blog: credit score should be based on browsing history (Video)


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