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Action Ideas


  1. First action idea, helping others

  2. Here is an excerpt from a paper Dr. Fauci wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the Covid 9 "the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%)" I suggest this paper get printed out in mass and handed to police, hung on poles, dropped on the ground within crowds so people pick one up and look at it; , and anywhere else you can think of. Here is the link to it:

  3. The same can be done with the death rates of vaccines from the CDC's vaccine adverse effects page: VAERS.

  4. reopen our businesses and if the power company turns your power off, then everyone should surround and protest the power company

  5. trying to awaken the enforcers of tyranny by reminding them of their oath to the Constitution

  6. trying to awaken the enforcers of tyranny by showing the evidence that the pandemic is a hoax

  7. having thousands of law suits against governors, mayors and whoever else caused you hardship, loss of income, your business, etc.protestors help business owners to reopen their businesses (a few businesses at a time) by surrounding the businesses as they are reopened, instead of just walking up and down the street carrying signs. The idea is to do this with a few businesses at a time

  8. Many getting together and making phone calls to whichever official in your area has called for lockdowns.

  9. Standing on street corners with friends using signs, flyers to hand out to interested passersby. Here is one about the harmfulness of wearing masks by Dr .Vernon Coleman

  10. Start a community garden, or one in your own yard and share your food (and even better, seeds from your food) to set the example for others to do the same.

  11. Check out the Flyers page of this site for not only flyers, but also for links to websites that sell shirts, cups, decals and the like with truther information on it.

  12. Checking out the Ways to Spread Information page for ideas of how to get information out

  13. I had a dream a few nights ago of telling people to get a megaphone to tell the dangers of vaccines, so I think I should put it here--get a megaphone, go on a street corner and yell out the truth.

  14. Support those who are taking action such as the 1000 doctors who are investigating the Covid Measure, r Dr. Reiner Fuellmich who is planning a Class Action Lawsuit Against the Covid Measures, or Dr. Carrie Madej who risked her career by telling of the Covid vaccine, as examples.


    If you have any other ideas for how we can take action, please contact me at:

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