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Sage of Quay Radio - Michael Murphy -
An UNconventional Shade of Grey - A Call To Action (Video)




by Youtuber, catagd




Don't let the title fool you. Grindall61 tells how to
make change speaking from his own experience.



An excellent idea - using lights to spell out "Stop Chemtrails" on
your housetop or lawn. Video by Youtuber, catagd


Activism Heroes

The following two articles shows activists at work:

Activism Heroes at the EPA Hearing

People Speaking Out Against Agenda 21


(Note: a few have the same title, but are different petitions)

WORLD WIDE petition :Ban CHEMTRAILS  and HAARP now!
WORLD WIDE petition: Ban Chemtrails and HAARP Now
WORLD WIDE petition :Ban CHEMTRAILS  and HAARP now! (This one is different from the one above)
A world wide ban on illegal Chemtrail spraying (Another Petition)
Worldwide Petition: Ban Chemtrails and HAARP
WORLD WIDE petition :Ban CHEMTRAILS and HAARP now!
More Petitions here

Geoengineering and Chemtrails Criminal Lawsuit

Following is a Facebook group that requires a Facebook account to visit:


Van with large sign that says  "LOOK UP What in the world are they spraying on us?


SkyderALERT -  Global movement fighting to end the world's most dangerous environmental program.

Dollar bill with messages writting on it
Writing messages on dollar bills. You can also write links.




To: U.S. Congress WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One, which gives the right of the American people to petition the United States government for a redress of grievances, hereby state the following:

WHEREAS, unmarked aircraft are daily painting American skies with bio-hostile substances; and WHEREAS, aircraft which carry no identifying markings can not be identified as American and are, therefore, presumed to be hostile aircraft; and WHEREAS, these unmarked aircraft have been proven to be emitting substances which drift to the ground and are hostile to the health and well-being of American citizens; THEREFORE, it is concluded that Americans are, and have been for years, under attack and have become the victims of BIOCHEMICAL WARFARE.

FURTHER, the United States government has allowed, and is continuing to allow, these unidentified aircraft to release harmful substances over American soil, which have been proven harmful to the American people; and WHEREAS, the United States government has neither satisfactorily explained nor proffered any compelling reason(s) why it is in the interests of the United States government to allow harm to the majority of its people with these disease-producing, potentially lethal emissions; and WHEREAS, when asked about the situation, the United States government has engaged in evasion, deception, and stonewalling the American people in their pursuit of the truth of this matter.

THEREFORE, it is presumed that the aircraft either belong to the United States government and are operating under the direct command and with full knowledge of the United States government or, in the alternative, the United States government has knowingly and willfully conspired with an outside, hostile group to allow harm to American citizens. THEREFORE, it appearing that the United States government is violating numerous rights of its citizens and in so doing is in a state of treason against its citizens, it is up to the American people to exercise their rights and hold the United States government accountable for its actions or inactions, as the case may be.

CONSEQUENTLY, the people of the United States of America declare the following, TO THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT: Pursuant to the Bill of Rights, Amendment One, we, the people of the United States, declare that we are grieved over the presence of "chemtrails" in the airspace over the United States and hereby petition the United States government to take immediate action to cease all chemtrail activity in the airspace over the United States of America.

We, the People, further DEMAND an immediate, thorough and honest investigation into what the substance called "chemtrails" actually consists of and discover the true purpose of spraying America (and its people) with harmful substances. Such investigation will include independent, impartial experts, as well as ordinary citizens. Sincerely,




Handing out flyers and leaving some where ever you can. You can find 34 from which to choose on the Flyers page of this site. Click image below to open the "Flyers" page of this site..

Animated gif flashing from one image to another of  the flyers available  on







Walmart intercom: 911 Truth and
Chemtrail awareness... (VIDEO)



How to Stop Chemtrails and HAARP


"Chemtrails" — How They Affect You and What You Can Do



What to say at city council meetings!



Pizza Guy Fights to Expose Geoengineering,
Climate Engineering and Chemtrails



The Awakening Grows, Italians Stage Impressive
Anti-Geoengineering Protest




What can I do?  I am only one person

Sites that sell posters, tee-shirts, help promote chemtrail awareness:

I am Aware

Truth Shirts

The Roswell Boutique

Visit   for chemtrail
mouse pads, cups, magnets, and more.

Visit for shirts to spread information.

"What in the World are they Spraying" shirts

Chemtrail Awareness Stickers (This is a Facebook link)



Citizens Against Climate Engineering (also includes patents and their descriptions)



 Chemtrail Ad in the Redding, California Paper


How to stop geoengineering in your community - and why you should care


How to respond to an anti Conspiracy Theorist


Chemtrails Project UK Campaign to Ban Chemtrails and Geoengineering (offers online form for notifying and providing evidence to mps in your area) and a lot of good information




Red van by with painting of chemtrail information  painted on it  


Back of red van that says Stop Cemtrails Poison   
Max Bliss – Chemtrails & Geoengineering Awareness “Chugaboom Tour”
Van by Mr.MaxBliss. You can find him on Facebook at:

Website Banners
- An excellent idea for spreading the word about chemtrails. Banners available at and

Bumper stickers
are available for sale at:



March Rally

Protestors holding up signs on street corner that says, "HAARP and Aerosols = war on us".

Click picture above to open video entitled, "March Rally"

Putting a banner on the side of your house or a building.
This was uploaded on Facebook by Mr.MaxBliss.


Going onto a street corner with a group of people and signs and flyers.
This, also posted by Mr.MaxBliss.




Sign on back of truck



Writing on a Sidewalk




Sometimes grafitti is good
Stop Chemtrails grafitti



For most of us, it is hard to find enough people in our local areas with whom to do this type of activity. A good way to find people in your area (aside from the internet) is to wear a Stop Chemtrails shirt or have a bumper sticker on your car. There are probably many people in our respective local areas who are aware of chemtrails, but out of fear, don't announce their awareness when seen on the street or in the store. Wearing a shirt or jacket with information about chemtrails can help you to find others who are aware. A link to chemtrail items is on the flyer page of this site.

List of ways to spread information:

  • Put banner on house or building
  • Hand out flyers, pamphlets, posters, ect. and, hang them on billboards and leave at places
  • Paint van or car (if you own it outright) or attach plastic-covered posters or banners
  • Meet with other aware people at intersections and hold up signs and posters
  • Rent tables at town events
  • Write messages on dollar bills
  • Set up a table in your front yard with flyers and information
  • Share information and links in website blogs
  • Have a bumper sticker on our car or windows on your house. Available here and here.
  • Wearing stop chemtrail clothing. Some available here.
  • If you have a website, putting a banner from a chemtrail site onto your page.
  • Putting a Stop Geoengineering Sign in front of your house.
  • Putting decals on the windows of your house and car, coffee cup at work, ect.
  • If you can afford to and are allowed, put an ad in the paper like this   or like this.
  • Preplanning protests and making website and flyers beforehand. Here's a page with good info and links: world-chemtrail-awareness-day-in-new-zealand
  • Speaking on an intercom at a store (bold move)
  • Writing on a Sidewalk
  • Writing a song about chemtrails and sharing it.
  • Putting a sign on the back of a truck


The Full Circle Project: Max Igan came up with a great idea for how to find other awakened people in your local area. It is called The Full Circle Project. Here is the link to it.



We must REPORT A CRIME IN PROGRESS to the police chiefs.



Some excellent activism ideas in the second half of the video below:

100% PROOF.. USA. UK. EU - ARE Being Sprayed..
Is This The END of Humanity (Video)



There really is something to "think globally, act locally" as policies that are global are usually created and implmented locally. An example of this is "Sustainable Development" also known as Agenda 21. The best results come from getting enough people together to work locally. Successes have been achieved by activists attending various board, state, county and city meetings, petitioning, calling newspapers, and other means. Meetings can be learned of by checking your news paper or searching county and state pages on line to learn of their upcoming meetings.

Sometimes petitions work (when aimed at smaller institutions or a company) and sometimes just exposing the agenda or the corruption of a politican deters or minimizes their actions. This page is dedicated to sharing examples of successes achieved through activism. The descriptions under the videos will be as they were written by the person who uploaded the video and the first line or paragraph of each article will be next to the link to the article.


Over the last few months the Mayor of Fontana has sent members of the planning commission to infiltrate our meetings as if they were going to find out we were doing something bad. As a result of this, we have been able to educate the commissioners. They have seen the light and voted correctly on two major projects. It's time for the council to grow a pair and stop submitting to the state on everything.


Measure was a massive property tax increase. It was an end-around prop 13 which as I am told made the election itself illegal. If passed the residents would have lost the right to vote on certain tax issues for the next 20 years.. The city said this needed to happen for their safety. ie, streetlights will be shut off.

Vaccine Victory: Parents Stop State’s Unethical HPV Vaccine Push -It took exactly one month to the day for an activated Indiana population to turn back efforts by their state’s health department to coerce and pressure parents, outside of law, into having their children receive the potentially dangerous human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV). Independent health journalist, Jefferey Jaxen, was contacted by two separate families ...

Anti-austerity bloc brings down Portugal's government - Portugal’s pro-austerity government has been forced to resign by a leftist anti-austerity block, despite being sworn in only two weeks ago. Proposals to continue austerity policies were blocked in parliament, backed by mass public anger, forcing the government to dissolve...


No Longer Willing to be Bullied and Fracked, How One Pennsylvania Town Fought Back - "They are mobilizing against a system of law that empowers corporations over communities, and empowers government to preempt communities from protecting their air and water.' by Lauren McCauley, staff writer...


Voters Toss Out City Council Members for Removing Veterans Memorial - On November 2, the city council in a small Iowa town voted to remove a temporary memorial to fallen soldiers from a city park. The memorial was removed because...


The Dutch Ban Fur Farms That Kill 6 Million Mink a Year -The business of raising thousands of mink to slaughter and make into fur coats suffered a big setback Tuesday when a Dutch appeals court...


Oakland sues Monsanto for ‘long-standing contamination’ of San Francisco Bay - Agrochemical giant Monsanto knowingly contaminated Oakland’s storm water and the San Francisco Bay with a highly toxic chemical for decades, a new lawsuit...


Court case thrown out after potential jurors refused to convict anyone - This incident shows that we DO have power to say NO.


Success: The end of “smart” meters in Port Angeles, Washington - After relentless pressure from the people and a cascade of related problems, the City of Port Angeles has terminated their “smart” meter program. - Oregon Cans Nestle's Bottling Plan