Food Shortage & Self-Sufficiency with Growing and Procuring Food
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Food Shortage & Self-Sufficiency with Growing and Procuring Food


Many of us are aware that a food shortage is purposely being created in various ways. One way is through weather control by way of creating droughts and floods to destroy crops and the constant spraying and blocking of the sun has been killing and sickening trees. Then there is also the mass slaughtering of poultry due to a claim of bird flu and also there have been massive fish die offs. Now, the Covid planned-demic is being used to justify destroying even more food sources. See a pattern here? How can you not? These are only a few of the ways a food shortage is being created. More examples are below and then below the examples are ways to become more self-sufficient with growing and procuring food. It would be great if communities get together to create community gardens or share among each other what each member of the community grows in their respective gardens.


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Other self-sufficiency skills




Food containers can be reused as planters. The lid, after cutting it off, fits perfectly on the bottom to catch water drainage.

Using a food container as a planter



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