Bill Gates of Hell
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About Bill Gates

Most people think that Bill Gates was nothing but a computer geek who got rich from his Microsoft creation, but the truth is that he was born rich. His parents had affiliations with eugenicists and family planning. Whether Bill happens to be like his parents by nature or was indoctrinated to believe the world is overpopulated and needs to be depopulated is not known, but the fact remains that he has been diligently working toward just that.




Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?
The Truth About The Jeffrey Epstein/Bill Gates Connection & Their EUGENICS AGENDA!!
How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health
Bill Gates talks of reducing co2 down to zero in a Ted Talk (video was titled wrong by youtuber)
Bill Gates admits plans to reduce population through use of vaccines
Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World
Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid
Another Courageous Italian Deputy Speaks Truth Re: CV Tyranny & Bill Gates
Meet Bill Gates


Bill Gates Worked With Epstein On A Pedophile Project Involving Children In Developing Countries

Bill Gates' currency, phone, internet interface with your body just patented

The Bill Gates Effect: WHO's DTP Vaccine Killed More Children in Africa Than the Diseases it Targeted

The CDC, NIH & Bill Gates Own the Patents On Existing Ebola & Related Vaccines: Mandatory Vaccinations Are Near

Bill Gates funds this: Geoengineering: A Half-Century of Earth System Experimentation - just hit ctrl + F and type in Gates to find all the instances of his name.

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past

CV: 2019 CARES ACT? H.R. 6666? Patent 060606? Universal Basic Income? Park Ranger Pushed In Lake!

Cuomo taps Gates Foundation to ‘reimagine’ what schooling looks like in NY

Why Bill Gates Is Not The Man To Reimagine New York Education

Bill Gates’ currency, phone, internet interface with your body just patented

Gates and Fauci: Unelected destroyers of freedom

Corbett Report on Bill Gates





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