More Photographic Evidence

The ability for jets and planes to spray is not new. Spraying has occurred during wars such as the Vietnam War (known as Operation Popeye) and for spraying of mosquitoes and other insects. These are only a couple of examples, but the point is that the fact jets are able to have sprayers fitted onto them is not new and it should not be surprising that jets can and are used for spraying various substances. Of course, jets will have water, fuel, and gas tanks and an air conditioning unit, but none of the below pictures are any of those things. Some of the pictures below are evidence of chemicals brought onto jets and some of the pictures are not actual evidence, but still worth questioning.


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Jet spraying above water

This one as been claimed to be water tanks for weight distribution of jets for pilot flight training.




Various types of nozzles under the wing of a jet. None of these are exhaust pipes for the engines.

working on sprayers

Larger version of this picture makes label on tank readable and the label indicates it is from a government defense contract. Click here to go to page.

This is obviously holding something heavy and is not liquid. Also notice tube coming out of it which indicates not parachutes stored in there.

The labels on these canisters show these are from military defense department. What types of defense does military usually have on a jet. These tanks are not holding guns or bombs.

Jets from WWII. Just a reminder that they can and do spray. Shills working for the government will use planes from war time as proof that these are contrails. It has to be a minimum of -32.43 C for these to be contrails and it is no surprise that planes sprayed during wartime. We already know they did.


Here it is obvious these bags are holding something heavy that is not liquid. This would fit with aluminum oxide and barium powders.

Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF

More tanks and hoses
Aerochem Gas mask spray nozzle
Fitted sprayers Tanks and hoses spraying Large tank with military logos Loading the jet
Close up of where tank leads to Turbo fan? dumping or spraying
Mystery Loading tanks

tanks with hoses


additions to jet sprayer large yellow tank
Hoses going towards outside In the back of a jet Green tanks and hoses Airbus Strontium
Smoke Technologies for Jets Exclusive: Leaked Photos of Chemtrail Dispersal System      


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